1. gravitycar:

    As the BBC article likes to point out and title Chile’s September 11th, “The Other 9/11”

    While most people today are mourning I cannot help but feel anger today,and yes, sadness.

    But mostly, anger. And I apologize , for I am not the best writer and right now I’m just really upset and cant…

  2. nies-urbani:

    Ni perdón ni olvido.

  3. literarydogs:

    Chile, september 11th, 1973. A lonely dog stares at the horror, while the military forces drop their bombs over the goverment palace.

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  4. diviani:

    1968 OSPAAAL poster by Faustino Perez via 50Watts

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  5. Eumir Deodato & Os Catedráticos - Tremendão

  7. classicnudes:

    Ellen Michaels

    PMOM - March 1972

    More Ellen

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  8. subtilitas:

    Beniamino Servino - Shadow tower (addition to a carpenter’s house), San Marco Evangelista 2011 (click for big to see the tiling details). 

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  12. aural-art:

    Cole Porter 

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  15. mpdrolet:

    Woman and daughters, Beverly Hills, 1972

    Judy Dater